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Daredevil Pencil Sketch
June 30, 2010

So here is a pencil sketch of Daredevil that I did while things were slow at my side-gig..I’m working on creating a more mainstream style of comic illo that still has a fun style. I like to exaggerate the calf muscles for some reason. I just like the way they look, and it’s satisfying to draw them. My style use to (and can still) rely very heavily on more squared off hips and legs, much like the legs of a table. Straight line to straight line, making a very boxy shape, but that presented certain problems, so I’ve been working on drawing legs in a way that feels more natural without losing the cartoony aspect. Also, for some reason, I made his boots look like sneakerboot things! With Adidas stripes and all.

Pencil Sketch – Captain America
June 14, 2010

My buddy Tim Hershey had requested a Cap sketch a couple years back, which I had given him, but when he showed it to me recently, I was ashamed at the quality! I feel like this one is a bit better, at least..I’m planning on inking and coloring this piece on my Wacom 21UX which is the most glorious instrument ever. EVER!

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