Not unlike Danzig, this bear wants your skulls: Grizzly Film Showing Poster Print
June 8, 2013

Soundtrack: Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

So every couple of months or so, I do a poster for THE COLONIAL movie theatre in Phoenixville PA. Every First Friday of the month, they do an event called FIRST FRIDAY FRIGHT NIGHT, wherein they play original prints of old horror films.

This month it was GRIZZLY, a film about a rampaging, murderously hungry Grizzly Bear, which is said to have been modeled after a similar film: JAWS.

I hadn’t seen the movie when I was asked to do the poster for the show, but immediately I remembered a t-shirt that I had silk-screened by hand years and years  earlier:


Yeah, that’s a cartoon bear with a cat sleeping in his belly. People at the time were concerned for the cat, but it was clear to me that the bear and the cat were friends, so much so that the bear was allowing the adorable kitty to sleep in his belly-meats. At any rate, I thought of this and thought that with some retooling, I could make this work for the project at hand. So with that in mind, I got to sketching:


I wasn’t quite sure what style I wanted to use; realistic, or cartoony, or paper cut-out, etc. So I just did a “something search” online and started doodling. Turns out I thought I nailed it in the first go-round and got to work on the computer. Generally I’ll sketch something out in my notebook, or in this case the back of a comic book board, and took a picture of the image with my phone, and emailed it to myself, at which point, I started inking it and coloring it through Photoshop, eventually coming up with this final piece:


Scott Pilgrim Progress – Pt 1
July 19, 2010

So I decided that I wanted to do a Scott Pilgrim print for the upcoming Punk Rock Flea Market this weekend. This is the first of several prints I have to do and complete by this weekend! ARRGH.

So while at the comic shop awhile ago, I had done this sketch on a random piece of paper. I went against my nature and made big ole manga eyes to try to keep the look of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s characters. And as for the pose, I wanted to get across the love and the cartoon-y violence that the series has in spades..So I have Ramona and Scott walking hand-in-hand, all lovey dovey, while Scott casually deflects an off-panel attack punch!So then I just took a pic of it with my iPhone, which is so much easier and quicker then using my actual scanner! It’s ridiculous! God, I love my phone.

So anyhoo, I brought it into Photoshop CS5 and redrew the whole thing. There were some things I wanted to change about the sketch and this was the time to do it. 1. I wanted to make Ramona look less chunky so I made her much taller and gave her a different body type. 2. I wasn’t comfortable with the giant Manga eyes, so I went with MY style eyes. It just didn’t feel right. I drew each character on their own layer, and thank god I did, because in order to make Ramona taller, I just stretched her up and repositioned her. I also had to adjust the size of her forearm which was super-long. (Thanks for the heads-up, Slai!) and that was also really easy since her sketch wasn’t attached to Scott’s.

So then it was time to start adding the color. I decided to again go against my own grain and color the linework as well. Usually I keep the linework black, but thought I’d try something different. The way I did this was to just redraw all the line work using the different colors and then create another layer and add the fill colors one part at a time, then create a new layer and start adding in the shadows for each color. Some tricks I thought of was for the seams in the pants and the zipper on the jacket, create a new layer, use a thick brush size, then draw a single line, say..for the seam. Then I just used the STROKE effect on that layer, which gave the impression of two parallel lines. A bit of a cheat, I know. But I’m stoked that I figured that out, cause I hate having to draw zigzag-y parallel lines. They never match. They always wind up thinner in certain parts and thicker in others, which looks sloppy.

So here’s where I am so far!

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