Darth Vaper?

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So yeah, I’m one of the Vapers. Vapees? Vapoids? Yeah I’m going with Vapoids. That’s the new hip term, I’m calling it.

If you take anything away from this strip, it’s This:

Ploopy_webThangyew and goodnight.

It’s “Frahnkensteen”.

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Another attempt at Copic markers…this time a special request for Gene Wilder from MEl Brook’s YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN! This one took about 1.5 hrs I think?



Maybe just a sip.

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Been slowly buying more and more Copic markers (at $8 a pop, not the cheapest coloring option). Finally picked up a Skin Tone pack and doing some testing. Here’s a Steve Buscemi as Nucky Thompson from Boardwalk Empire…


Your Tatts are the tits.

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Also, here’s this lil guy:


Not unlike Danzig, this bear wants your skulls: Grizzly Film Showing Poster Print

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Soundtrack: Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

So every couple of months or so, I do a poster for THE COLONIAL movie theatre in Phoenixville PA. Every First Friday of the month, they do an event called FIRST FRIDAY FRIGHT NIGHT, wherein they play original prints of old horror films.

This month it was GRIZZLY, a film about a rampaging, murderously hungry Grizzly Bear, which is said to have been modeled after a similar film: JAWS.

I hadn’t seen the movie when I was asked to do the poster for the show, but immediately I remembered a t-shirt that I had silk-screened by hand years and years  earlier:


Yeah, that’s a cartoon bear with a cat sleeping in his belly. People at the time were concerned for the cat, but it was clear to me that the bear and the cat were friends, so much so that the bear was allowing the adorable kitty to sleep in his belly-meats. At any rate, I thought of this and thought that with some retooling, I could make this work for the project at hand. So with that in mind, I got to sketching:


I wasn’t quite sure what style I wanted to use; realistic, or cartoony, or paper cut-out, etc. So I just did a “something search” online and started doodling. Turns out I thought I nailed it in the first go-round and got to work on the computer. Generally I’ll sketch something out in my notebook, or in this case the back of a comic book board, and took a picture of the image with my phone, and emailed it to myself, at which point, I started inking it and coloring it through Photoshop, eventually coming up with this final piece:


New Print: Spidey-Cat!

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Sketches for Justice League Commission

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So the image above was my first attempt at a JL layout for a commission…
However, the client wanted less Batman and more Superman, so I did some quick photoshopping in order to come up with a new layout…


Obviously there are some issues, I’m thinking they look a little too separate, blocked off…I might have to overlay some of the characters a little more, I don’t know. And Superman’s foward-most hand is a little iffy…and the Flash is looking a little weird…but hey, she really liked the second layout more, so I’ll be proceeding with that one.

Thumbnail sketch for RoTLD poster

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Robocop Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered Print: the unveil-ening!

September 21, 2012 - One Response

Robocop: the progression-ening

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